Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 13 - First Steps.


In response to the poem of the baptism of baby Rose, who is now nine and a half months and has just started walking... Her Grams  continues to fall when she gets her pen out to write anything at all... But I do still attempt the walk through the minefield of possibilities that occupy my thoughts . "I write because not to would drive me mad, but then the writing itself drives me nuts..." My wellbeing depends on it.

First Steps

Come on , come on...
You can do it...
Yes, one... two...
Yeah, see you can do it.
And again...
Come on then,
Come to dada..
One ... two... three... four...
Hey, look ... see...
You're walking...
Walking by yourself...

Come on writer, you can do it , yes...
One ... two...

Day 13: 13th April, 13th poem. Brain rather tired but had to get something in for the challenge and so much material to play with.


Seventeen aunties and uncles 
Two sets of grandparents,
Two sets of great grandparents,
Two great aunts, and first cousins once removed- 
Two families united for baby Rose.
Small faces look up- silence
Water poured- eyes stare in wonder.
Stand drenched in April sun 
Blazing through pink blossom- 
Photos, smiles, blue sky.
Cake, coffee and cups of tea,
Children's games, 
Happy time together. 
The Baptism of Little Rose.

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