Monday, January 11, 2016

Day11 Who Are You

In response to the poem on the 11th April called "SELF"... 

Who Are You?

Who are you?

Wife ...
 For nearly forty four years,
Still learning about the other, but ultimately about yourself.
Changed with the years yet the same -
Something constructed, coiled into calm curves.

Who are you ?

Mother ...Ma, Mumma, Mum, Mumsy..  etc

Nine lives gifted to you, but not yours.
Loving them forever, yet letting them go -
Helping them negotiate the rough sea of
Continuous moments.
Hurt for them, by them and with them
Through all..

Who are you?

Grandmother...Grams, Grandma,  etc

The joy, the connection
You could not of dreamed.
Delight in new lives exploring, growing into,
Beautiful people.
Sill they manage to tug at your innards,
Melting your hardness
Moments savoured...

Who are you?

Great grandmother...Grams ( so far - love it)

Proud moments you treasure,
Honoured to be in the thoughts
Of the future.
What adventures you dream for them,
What hope you have for them
What joy they bring to you.
You are well blessed.

Who are you?

Daughter, sister, niece, cousin, aunt, great aunt, friend etc etc .
Wonderful ...

Day 11: 11th April, 11th Poem

A little something inspired by a visit to the Turner Gallery in Margate where they had an exhibition 
called   "Self".  
Sorry it's so late.


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