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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


25th April 2017

This was some fun in writing group this morning.
Working to the pattern :

   s    t   s  c t     c                When s= square, t=triangle, c=circle

Using the emotion "Fear"

It makes my hands clammy,
This feeling of fear,
It has me running to the loo,
My stomach churning

This feeling of fear,
I'm rooted to the spot
My stomach churning
I can't gather my thoughts

I'm rooted to the spot
Can't wait to get out of here
Can't wait till this is over
Can't wait till things are clear.

Same thing, but using the emotion "Joy"

It makes my heart sing
This felling of joy
Makes me want to dance
And run through a meadow

This feeling of joy,
Puts a spring in my step
And run through a meadow
Looking up to the skies

Puts a spring in my step
If only It could last
But I know it's a fleeting spark
But I'll take it while I can.

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  1. You are so good at poetry forms, Maz! My attempts always come out sounding like the sing-song children's nursery rhymes. :-) Both of these were lovely, and I could well relate to the sentiments you were sharing. Fear hits me right in the gut too, and joy is most definitely fleeting. The good part is we know that it will return again, and always does, so savor the moments, and turn the fears over to The One who holds us all in His hands! XOXO Thanks for stopping by my blog to keep up with my A-Z story, almost to the end, whew! :-)


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