Monday, April 17, 2023

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning

Forty days of lent, that long, penitential, pilgrimage, 

 brings us to Holy Week.

Holy Week , when, hopefully we've been trying to be more

 closely united to Our Lord, 

concludes with the three days of the Easter Triduum, 

where we try to put even more effort in to accompanying  

Jesus and His Blessed Mother, our Mother, on His journey to the cross. 

Finally, after all the beautiful liturgies, that are completely draining,

 both  spiritually and emotionally  we  reach the climax, 

the Easter Vigil and Wow,

 now the Joyous season of Easter begins. 

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia  

This joy, this hopeful  tone,

 this feeling of a new beginning, 

spills over into other areas of  my life. 

 For instance, there's  something, isn't there, 

 about the warm spring air 

that makes us ( it can't be only me !)

 want to clean, to clear out, 

to declutter  and to reorganise.  

The new light shows up the dust,

the grime, the messy corners. 

Under the bed, those cobwebs, 

where did they come from? 

Out you go.

That pile of books, can it be



I'm not going that far

How long have those sticky

 fingers prints been on the glass doors?

I'm coming for you.


  1. Indeed, it's a glorious time of year. May you and your family be filled with resurrection hope!

    1. Thank you. And Easter blessings to you and yours, dear Mimi x


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