Friday, September 9, 2016

What's been Happening

                                                                                                           9th September 2016

It's a long time since I spent quality time posting on my blog.
I have no excuses...
However, there has been a definite lack of inspiration on my part.
Life during the summer has been a wonderful series of busy days having visitors and being visitors ourselves. Living in a seaside town, you are particularly popular in the summer months, usually from the end of April till the beginning of October.
We seem to have had a holiday for the whole summer as we have joined each group of visitors on their adventures.
A new grandchild and a new great grandchild born in July within days of each other add to the ever growing dynasty that is our very special family.
It's been hectic, yes, but so enjoyable too.

Then there was that day when we buried my mum and dad's ashes. I think I'll have to leave that one for a while...

Of course, no time left for writing , or even contemplating writing.

But, now with things being a little more quiet, I hope to get back into the swing of things and ramble away to my hearts content.

I think I have a motivation to help me along.
The month of October is Octpowrimo and the challenge is to write a poem a day for 31 days - similar to the challenge I took last year, in April 2015. I managed it then, could I do the same again???
Well, I am certainly going to try.

So, look out on my blog for posts every day in October.
Also, let me know if there is any subject that you would like me to write about , either in a poem or other.

I'm a little bit interested in Talents:

Talent needs practice... A concert pianist might be talented but he has had to spend many hours/days/years practicing and working on his pieces.
No, I don't think we are all concert pianists underneath , but...

We all have talents...
What are your talents and how are you putting them to good use.

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  1. Hey Marian! How did I miss you on the blogs? Lovely to meet you after you commented on my blog. I've clicked to follow you here, but i can't tell if it 'took' or not.

    I posted about poetry in the post before the IWSG. I'm looking forward to reading your poems.

    It'd be lovely if in October you could write a poem to do with CONSTELLATIONS and post it for Write...Edit...Publish on October 19-21. We'd love to have you. You would have seen a link to the WEP site on my post. We are always welcoming new creatives!

    Denise :-)


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