Thursday, September 8, 2016


Here are a few pieces I wrote when emotions were very near the surface

8th Dec 2015

Spent, used up, hundreds of hours of work well done,
But, still  more moments filled with joy and fun.
Lines on forehead giving proof that you're wise,
Observed now, noticed by much younger eyes.
Battered and bruised, near your journeys end,
Now, mercy and forgiveness, your currency to spend.
All changes, yet in the depths of you you know,
That all stays the same where you're about to go

14th Nov 2015

Heart - frozen, hard,
To the gentle 
Of a loved one,

Heart - frozen, hard,


To warm tears,

Soft words.
What will melt your 


Your sorrow,
What , bring a life pulse,
A love beat,
Of joy,
To you,
What ???

              15th Nov 2015

             END OF LIFE
Bitterness oozes from the pores of the walls,
Drips onto my peace,
Leaving holes where it bores through.
Yet here I am,
Letting the poison deform,
Letting the poison destroy.
I've kept my distance over the years,
Kept her at arms length.
Built myself up with a strong heart
And managed to...
I thought...
Now "end of Life" time
Calls me to give
To care.
To love.
So, I try..
I try not to let
Her meanness go too deep
I try not to let
Her bring me down
Into those open,
No, now I am her peace..
I am her carer,
I show her my love,
His Love
    16th Nov 2015

Hidden,  buried, 
Deep --
Under days of decades
Under rubble of ritual
Under fullness of family
But now, 
Back there, 
In a moment
Cold and clammy,
A wispy shiver.
The thought of it,
Revealed , but how??
Present, but why now?
Bury it again??
No, no..
Rise up, be brave...
Destroy it, kill it, 
Be free

After School

It wasn't the day for netball,
It wasn't the day for piano
It was the day that mum worked late
Heavy clouds unburdened
In grey sky
On this dark November evening
Steps counted, too slow on walk home.
Hands damp and chilled - search
Under geranium pot - flowers dead now,
For the key.
Soggy shoes, dripping coat-
An unpealing
Hang wet bag over bannisters.
How empty,
The house feels.
Sigh, shiver, slump,
With hot chocolate,
In front of TV and
Look at Clock
Not long...

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