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It is a year later . I'd like to share with you my daughter's blog:


Especially for mums...

1st March 2016

Can't believe the blog has had nearly 14000 visits... Wow...

Looking back at this poem, Acting The Story,  from the 18th April when I was doing the poem a day challenge, I smiled as I remembered working with my friend Trish at the Children's Literary Festival in Herne Bay ( the first one, hopefully not the last)
The children had a great deal of fun as they were taken into new adventures through stories that were already well known to them. They were the main protagonists in the adventures. Such a good time...
But I'm finding it difficult to think about a response to the poem.

Be Present

The story of life is acted out at the dawn of each new day,
We plan and plot what we'll do, where we'll go, what we'll say.
Then the turn of events don't match with our story
We're faced with lots of change, another script for our way.

But don't get confused, disheartened, try not to be perturbed ,
Live this time in the present moment, savour it, don't get disurbed.
For there's nothing to be done about what's gone,
And as we've seen what is  to come is quite often curbed.

So be present to what there is of you in the moment that is now,
If you take care to notice it enough it will give you a great big WOW.

OK so it's
Day 18: 18th April, 18th poem  -

Acting The Story

Room set up ,
Hat - ready,
Clammy hands fumble with words -
 No more time to check,
Props in four piles,
Anticipating adventure.
Two wait,
Wait and chat,
Chit chat,
Say nothing
Open the window,
Wait ,
Wait - for...
They will come,
They will...
Clock time-sixth glance,
Two minutes...
And then, 
Seeing  double ,
Checked shirts slowly creep in,
Twins - boys
Next - sisters -walking tight as one,
Hand gripping hand
For safety,
The younger -- fair,
The older dark.
They came,
The storyteller looks for her hat,
Deep breath...
Now we begin..

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