Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thread / Winter 2020

10th Feb 2020

A couple of pieces from 2016 . I've altered them slightly.

Spent some lovely time yesterday playing with the grandchildren. We played fast moving, competitive card game which I found I was way too slow at. Oh well ... Thoroughly enjoyed it though. It made me think how good it is too play.

Hold on to that thread,
Let it hang  from those past bones
A day of purpose
Where every movement has its reason,
The growing flower its timely season,
Where what has been
Has come to this,
And this is the softness of the 
Song of delight.
Hold on to that thread,
Though not too tightly
For each second signifies the next,
Each gossamer strand shall be broken,
Left behind 
To free the mind

That crisp morning:
The grass wearing a light cover
 as of icing sugar,
Icy pond still - reflecting 
The chill,
Of my nose.
And you with your story,
Made my bones shiver.
How to unthink,
From memory.
How to box in,
How to warm through ,
the blue.


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