Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Will We Ever Move.

Or are we doomed to be in limbo for the rest of our days?
The sun is shining  and the sky is a gorgeous blue. But the storms of anxiety are rolling around our castle.
So frustrating this moving. Waiting on dates and people to commit to times they've already committed to. Way up there on the stress scale they say. I didn't think that we would be that bad. I mean, after all, we have a pretty easy job to do with no small children and lots of time . But it is getting to me big time. Tears are held back, but then gush forth at the slightest upset which is in no proportion at all to the small irritation. I am a mad woman.
Will I ever get my peace back? Will we ever walk through the door of that "other" house that should become our home??
But then I remember:
St Padre Pio :  "Pray , trust and don't worry..."
Although it's easier said than done, it does help and makes a lot of sense.
God has everything in hand .
So, off I go to start the day, with head held high and a spring in my step because I know that God loves me.

Next time I'll bring you a poem.  Don't go away now...
See you soon....

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