Thursday, May 21, 2015

Let's Go

Our moving date has been confirmed and while we live with wardrobes, beds and other furniture in our living room, we ponder on an exciting new future. What is to be left behind, what is to be changed and what will we bring with us. I feel this is a new era in our life where we can decide to have that fresh start.

Let's Go

Out of the ground from
The dark months
Breaking through,
Now it is time for
New beginnings.
Expectation  raises its
Head above the debris
Waiting to see,
Will it be.
And somewhere inside
Plans start to bubble,
Hope returns.


  1. This creates a fellow-feeling, indeed.

    Not the one from that old joke:

    A fellow feeling makes us wond'rous kind,
    But not a fellow feeling in your pants, behind!

  2. Let's Go is a great poem! I am a country girl so it makes me think of emerging from winter, a mini-hibernation of sorts, and walking outside into spring.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my poems.
    Sallee Bonham

  3. Thank you Sally and colonialist. It's just what's emerging with all this unsettling getting ready to move stuff.


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