Thursday, December 11, 2014

My View ...

Today I am sitting at my computer, looking out at a beautiful view of the sea. The sun is shining on it creating many colours - I think If I listed them I've have to name every one.  There have been some ships passing and the windmills on the horizon must be producing lots of electricity as they are busily turning .
There are birds  - mainly seagulls, but some others I can't name - gliding and dancing on the wind.  In the middle of my canvas the old pier head sits, majestic no more, rather a sad memory of good times past, like an old, yellowed and frayed photograph of people that no one remembers anymore, but who once had a life and meaning.
I know it sounds odd , but I am trying to place this scene firmly in my mind, to take out and enjoy when, in a few weeks time I will no longer be able to see it for real. I have taken it for granted these last thirteen years. It's just there, in front of me. I can see it whenever I like. But with the prospect of not being able to see it, somehow it's attractiveness is highlighted and it beckons me to take note...
The movement of sea and sky means that the landscape is forever changing - like us really, a mirror of our moods and feelings.
I never noticed the arc before. I know as we all do that the earth is round but have never seen for myself until sitting looking out of this window, it becomes obvious. It was a surprise to me - I know , I'm a bit slow - but to see the arc of the horizon clearly visible as the horizontal edge of my window captured it was a delightful discovery.
Last year, whilst looking out, I saw what appeared to be bubbles on the surface of the water. It covered quite a significant area and was fascinating. I later found out it was mackerel coming near to feed .Just amazing, I thought.
As the clouds reflect their shapes on the ocean, I also reflect on the ocean of my life . The tides have come and gone regularly. Storms have past and stillness makes its occasional visit. But with all the variations I am still the same.

Catch me tomorrow for some more ramblings...
Bye for now...


  1. Again an enjoyable and readable post. Really, Marian, I can't pin it down to specifics.x

  2. Still, thank you. I shall keep writing. It's great to get feedback.


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