Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eleven Syllables to Eat - Oh, And A Christmas Pudding

Being constrained when writing sometimes helps creativity. In this exercise we had to write a poem with exactly eleven syllables on each line, which I found really difficult. I did one with nine syllables too. Both are reminiscing a little about Christmas traditions

Eleven Syllables to Eat – Oh , And A Christmas Pudding.

From grandparents, grandparents this tradition,
Has come down to us in the family today.
We take it very seriously, this task
Everything executed in the right way.
Stir up Sunday is the day it all happens
Christmas puddings to make using many hands.
Mums, dads, aunts, uncles, children, babies gather
At grandma’s house, bringing bowls, fruit, suet and
Stout – it has to be stout- not Guinness or beer.
The tin bath, now kept only for the puddings,
Makes its appearance as it does every year.
Once it was used every week on a Friday,
After halliborange and cod liver oil.
All take turns, having a stir, making a wish,
It takes some time but is the important bit.
A silver coin is secreted, when done,
Deep within, good luck for the one who finds it,
At our Christmas dinner – it will be such fun.

Nine Syllables

With the number nine I’ll start again
And tell you another tradition
If you all get bored or fall asleep
I’ll have failed in my little mission.

Out we step on a cold, windy night
Clad in gloves, scarves and strong walking shoes.
On our way round the houses singing
Christmas Carols and bringing good news.

We’ve done the same thing year after year
We know who will give us a welcome.
We also know those who slam the door
In our faces before we are done.

Sometimes they give us some sweets to share
And they still put money in the tin.
Others offer soup to warm us through,
Then they end up inviting us in.

Once a family came out and joined us,
Full of the Christmas spirit they were.
And boy could they sing and make some noise-
Our melody taken much further.

The money we raise usually goes
To children who might not celebrate
No money for food , pressies or toys
If we help them a little that’s great.

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