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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sitting on the Beach

23rd April.
Good morning everyone.
Yesterday we put new grass down in our front garden. It's made a big impact. Later I intend to go and plant my lavender.
Today we remember Shakespeare and also my husbands lovely mother, Win, who's birthday is today. Although she died twenty odd years ago she has left a lasting and deep impression on the family whom she loved so much. We often say things like:   " Mum always did it this way,"  "mum would be proud of that," "that 's the song mum used to sing in the kitchen,"  " nan would love this." and many more. She was always there for us even though she didn't always understand our reasons for doing things. I was very fond of her and learnt a lot from her that I carry on doing today.

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Sitting on the Beach

Scarcely a ripple - like glass- blue, grey blue, green blue,
In horizontal strips from East to West.
A few moments to spare, we sit on the pebbles,
Drinking in the healing air.
There are others on the beach
But they don't know,
How can they, 
Why should they.
We look up to clear sky,
Then out to white sails, in the distance,
Yachts moving, but going nowhere.
Later they'll be back at the club.
Silence sits well with us,
We watch as gulls squabble and squawk 
Over bits of fish found, just in front of us.
This now, couched between the living of life,
Is life - for us.
This present moment our home, our security,
Protecting from the cruelty of time.
But now too, it is over.
We get up, reluctantly,
And walk back down the beach.


  1. Best wishes to you and your family.

    God bless.


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  3. Thank you William. I did try to look at but couldn't find anything written. Oh well...


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