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Thursday, April 21, 2016

21/4/16 The River

21st April 2016

Just pondering on how things are never really gone only changed.

  The River

All things change , matter takes on new form.
The river winds, bubbles, meanders
Round bends , this way, then that,
Bound for the sea
High up waterfalls drop fiercely
Still, slow moving pools,
Stealing,  picking up  loose attachments,
Absorbing the colour of porous stone,
Until, eventually,
It opens out to the ocean
It is not gone,  it has been transformed.

Day 21:   21st April,  21st poem
The sun is shining, the sea is like a millpond - a springlike morning.

Just to follow the prompt I have given my poem a title that has a truth that cannot be refuted ( up to you). I had fun with this today. Thought it was a bit Joyce Grenville-ish. It's a bit tame in comparison to some of the times when I tried to gather my own children together, but...

Children Are Sometimes Irritating

Ah here's the book
Right let's sit down 
I'll tell you a story.
Need the loo mum ...
OK, Sam, 
Hurry up then...
No... you guys
Stay here
Keep still, 
He won't be long.
Here you are...
Come on.. sit , sit...
Now where were we??
No, you can't ..
Sit next to me,
It's Georgie's turn today,
But mum,
I can't see 
the book,
Well look,
Come sit on my lap

This wonderful story...
Yes, I see you've 
Cut your finger Chris, 
Oh dear, oh dear,
I'll get a plaster
When we're done...
OK, Alex, get Chris a plaster
Would you love!
Quickly mind!
No, don't cry,
No, I'm not angry..
Let's snuggle together...
Ok, everyone ready  ???
Let's begin...
Once upon a time...
Brrring... brrring...brrring,
Bloody phone!!


  1. I love both. One so eternal and one so fragmented. And we are living somewhere in between.


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