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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Poetry as a friend

To Poetry
My faithful friend,
Always there
Even when my loyalty is fickle .
You can be trusted to be around, when I
Need you.
Demanding - you give me headaches-
I don’t always understand you
And I avoid you for a while.
Other times you transport me - to
A land of dreams where
Hope glows warm,
Or you inspire me to be
Who I am
Or, you bring such joy
I feel will burst.
Spending time with you
Is to move beyond.
And best of all you take me as I am.

Poetry as a Friend.
Through study we met - poetry and me - I was doing exams
My head ached- too much thinking - Metaphors, alliteration, imagery
Completely foreign to me.
But, I felt an attraction.
The seed planted in my soul, and grew.
The well was empty – thirst was born.
He understood me, knew me well, bided his time - Always there.
Years later, a mother, I broke open, watered, that kernel ,
Robert Louis Stevenson among others, brought
Joy and happiness to delight small children’s lives.
Later Tennyson - adversity overcome with human warmth
Brought them to tears.
Now, I can rely on my friend
My blanket of comfort - he takes me as I am
I become who I am
We travel , together - In country - colour - company.
Time - inspiration -hope
Is ours.

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