Sunday, September 25, 2022

Lazarus and the rich man

 Lazarus and the rich man

 In the Gospel this Sunday Jesus, speaking to the Pharisees,  gives us the story of Lazarus and the rich man. 

What would these Pharisees think listening to this story? Would  it be hard for them to stomach, especially since  it dispels an  idea prevalent at the time that  material prosperity in this life was a reward for being  morally upright and that adversity was a punishment.

It also  makes it very clear that the soul survives after death and therefore there  is retribution in the next life, that we have to answer to God for all our acts in this life.

The rich man had no intention of harming poor Lazarus. He had probably seen many like him, begging at his door. He was able to get on with his life happily and ignore the fate of this poor beggar. He managed not to "see" him, not to bring his problems into his own life.  So, although he didn't do anything to cause him harm he sinned by omission. He could have helped him but chose not to. 


What is Jesus telling us? 

Do we need to ask ourselves some questions? 

Am I ignoring those that are around me who are in need? Am I, in fact, guilty of committing sins of omission, by not helping where I can, by not considering the dignity of every person I meet?

Am I slow to help the poor, the sick the needy, close to home and in other parts of the world?

Am I willing  to do more and, at least, raise awareness? 

I will die. It might be soon. Then I will, hopefully, go to the Lord. I will take nothing with me except what I did here on earth, how I loved and how I treated others. 

I should  do the best I can while I still have time.    


  1. Thank you for this lesson.

    God bless always.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Mimi . I certainly need reminding, often, that this life we have here on earth is such a brief little speck in comparison to life eternal with God.


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