Thursday, September 15, 2022

Have you no Faith?


We can be worried  and afraid of all manner of things. 

We might have a  physical illness and get anxious that it will be terminal, or, at least stop us doing what we normally do.

We might have money issues and are concerned about how we'll pay our bills.

One of our children might be ill or in trouble and we don't know how we can help.

We might have a tough talk to give. And though it is for the Lord, we stay awake at night going over and over what we're going to say. 

We will all have our own scenarios. 

A lady wanted to run a prayer group to help ladies that she knew grow in their relationship with The Lord. Her spiritual director thought it was a great idea and so she prepared for it as best she could. Before the first meeting she got very anxious and her family life suffered. She lead the prayer group and all was well. At the second one, she changes somethings and tried to listen to the Holy Spirit, and although it went better ( in her judgement), it was far from what she'd hoped she could do.                                                          She prayed about it and consulted and discovered that she hadn't been trusting it to the Lord, not really. Even though she thought she had. 

Then she found this quote which gave her a lot of peace. 

Mk 4: 40 "He said to them, ""Why are you afraid? Have you no Faith?""

She intends to prepare for the third meeting in a more relaxed way, with Jesus,  relying on Him more, to trust Him more and leave the result up to Him. She is going to "get out of the way, so God can enter..."

Let us place our reliance on God and leave every outcome up to Him. 


  1. This has made me think about things affecting my life at the moment. Thank you for this message. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    1. Peace and blessings to you too and thank you for popping over to my blog. xxx

  2. He knows just what to do, and we can trust Him.


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