Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Changeling 2

  31st Aug 2022

From a few years ago, with some changes

2nd Oct 2019

Day 2 of octpowrimo.
Why don't you have a go. It would be lovely to see your words.

Going for an acrostic as I found the prompt, Changeling,  a bit hard. 
I was thinking of my boy, who has ADHD and didn't "fit" societal expectations.


You,  dear child,  you have,
extraordinary powers. 
Not understood by those 
who have 
preconceived ideas
 of a normal sort of life,
 a life that fits their comfort,
A life that doesn't veer from the
well trodden, wide, path, 
the road, everyone walks. 
But not you. 
No, they are blind to your  magic, 
your exuberant excitement, 
along this 
Great adventure of life,
where, for you,
 anything is possible,
 and no limits exist, 
where,  you explore, explode,
enthuse over everything,
over anything.
You, are larger than the life
you've  been given. 
You are the inventor most magnificent,
 the Nobleman in your  own country, 
you encounter all with joy. 
You speed through life, 
lighting up our lives.


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Good poetry. God bless.

  2. We had a daughter who was different in her styles and ways, too. Home educating her helped then she went to a small school and got individual attention.

  3. Our son has mobility issues since birth. He is a blessing to my husband and me. He had very difficult time finding work. (I mean years long effort.) He found work that he can do and has had that job for 11 1/2 years. He lives 100 miles away from our home. (My husband grew up in that area.) I realize I should thank God for him and his work more than I do. Peace and blessings.


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