Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Day 11

 4th Dec 2022

Today is Day 11 of Christmas. 

We have nearly come to the ends of our twelve day journey. So many of you have been on this little pilgrimage with me. Thank you for your loyalty, for reading my thoughts and for your wise  comments, which I always find most helpful. 

I love this this image of the Holy Family, which is  in St Joseph's Chapel in Westminster Cathedral, London.

I look at all the lovely Christmas cards around my home. Nearly all of them have the nativity scene on them. I have a crib too. They all speak to me. I go to the baby - they are all different - I sit  there with Mary His Mother and with St Joseph and silently I'm part of the wonder of it all. i imagine them eating their breakfast - maybe a kind inn keeper or his son, brings it to them and they  engage in an uplifting conversation. And so I continue, putting myself there, living it with them, The Holy Family. I ask them for many graces for my own family, I ask that they all grow close to The Lord. Soon we will put the Christmas cards and the crib away for another year. 

If you send Christmas cards I urge you to only send ones with the true Christmas message on, even, and I would say, especially to those who may not believe and may have no reminder of what Christmas is all about, except for your solitary card.

Get back to me with your thoughts.

God Bless.  



  1. Dearest Grams,
    You are so right about sending Christmas cards with the true Christmas message as in the commercialism of this time, they seem to get lost.
    Let's pray that our family will find their way to The Lord, we need it more than ever!
    Hugs to you and wishing you a meaningful Epiphany.

  2. An excellent point, i will remember next year and only send cards with the Nativity or something similar on them.

    1. Yes, so many people are afraid to send the real message to people who don't seem to believe, but it's surely a way of evangelising and anyway most people that know us won't be surprised to get a card with the Holy Family on in stead of a robin, for instnace.

  3. I like sending Christmas cards every year. I like ones that are about Jesus not Santa Claus. Each year I send a letter that's printed with the year's activities in our life with the card. I end it with something about Jesus. Part of it came from something in bible study I've been through recently. The chapel photo in cathedral you showed looks so nice. I enjoyed seeing different ones when I was in England years ago when in US Air Force. My 1st duty station RAF Bentwaters close to Woodbridge. Sharing how Jesus helps in our lives in stories we tell can help people know that we are loved and cared for as we continue to follow Him daily. I like the epiphany posts you've shared. Thank you!...Becky

    1. Thank you so much, dear Becky. RAF Bentwaters is only two and a half hours away from us, not that I've ever been. Did you ever make it to Buckinghamshire or Kent when you were here?
      Yes, lots of people do the letter in the Christmas card. I have to say, I've not done it myself, though I've thought about it. It's remembering now. I find it difficult to recall what's happened in the year.
      It makes me so happy to know that you've enjoyed my Epiphany posts. I rushed them a bit because I was busy, but I was determined to get them out to hammer home the point of the season and that it didn't finish on 25th Dec
      Anyway, lovely
      Keep praying.
      God bless.


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