Friday, May 15, 2020

Lockdown Coffee

15th May 2020

It's Friday again. I know the weekend is coming mainly because there is no Writer's Hour on Saturday or Sunday. So what happen's? Well, what happens is I do no writing,or very little. I might do some morning pages, but that's about it.

And I miss it , I really do. Some mornings I wake up and think shall I stay in bed for a bit longer and not do it this morning, rest my tired bones,  but then something compels me to get out and get at it. It's my great motivator and one of the blessings of being in lockdown. This morning a friend from Buckinghamshire ( you know who you are) joined us and thoroughly enjoyed it.


She sits at the dining room table,
 her computer set up,  notebook and pen,  
a mug of instant beside her
 and it gets me to thinking...

I miss the aroma -  exciting, enticing, inviting 
I miss it wafting around me, witching it's way 
into my dna,
It lures  me in, it says: 
 I'm here for you, we have a date you and I
you know you love me
I'm here, waiting for you, 
 I'm dark , I'm rich, I'm strong,  come on. 

I miss the steps, I know them well 
that take me  through the green door
I miss the welcome awaiting me  
the laughter, the din, music  on low, 
I miss the view from the window
the pier head sitting on the horizon, 
I miss the young girl, Cara, 
who is at uni, lives in halls
has left a boyfriend at home 
two hundred miles away
I miss, all this, 
my favourite place, 
For coffee.

No weak Aldi granules here,
 poured into one lonely mug
no sitting behind  closed doors,
 staring sleepily into space
hollow blank face, 
wondering what the hell's  going on
what is it that's so wrong,
 out there in the world. 
Are there people who  are happy, 
in another distant place?  
Have they found a cafe open for,
A coffee

Image result for picture of having coffee in a cafe


I miss those days when I'd take my book
find my nook,
 in the corner by the window
position myself so I could see the 
 people passing by,  
turn my shoulders just a little 
so the sun warms me from the outside in,
Then, when perfectly relaxed,
 drink my coffee
delicious Cappucino,

I miss meeting friends for a catch up 
when we'd all have our different requests
always latte for Di, with a slice of cake,
"A slither of cake with my coffee," she jests 
A Mocca for Mary
Her coffee

I miss those days before lockdown 
when a frown, 
didn't bring you down 
When getting together, put back your smile, 
and all this while, you enjoyed a coffee.
I miss those days , in so many ways,
meeting friends, was a normal thing
But Mr Corona Virus  has been hard at work
 has us all tied up, dangling on the end of his string
Until cafes open, no
Real coffee

We do have a percolator and some coffee beans to go with it.
But it's not quite the same as making arrangements to go out for a cappucino. 

What do you miss in the lockdown?


  1. This misssserable Wuhan Virus is so much harder, on people like you, who enjoy a more outgoing life, than we do. And I appreciate this.

    Here, we don't go-go-go much at all. So things have not changed, much.


    It infuriates my husband, to not be able to go, if he wanted to.

    It's not the "Going"...

    It's the Not Being Allowed to Do So, which infuriates him!!! Not being allowed to, for the good cause, of safety. But...

    So, we hate this missssserable Wuhan Virus, as much as you do!!!


  2. I think from now I will always buy the good coffee.

    1. Good plan Sandi. It makes all the difference , or so I've been told. This piece was purely fictional , a few words that I've heard from others . There are a lot of people missing their regular latte.

  3. I think you meant Mr corona virus mum not my, unless your taking ownership and responsibility for the virus and there’s a conspiracy to be told.
    Lovely thoughts though.

  4. Which Greenie is this?
    Yes, made a mistake.
    Must go back and edit

  5. My husband just said, if we weren't locked in, tomorrow, I would go out for a nice, good, strong cup of coffee. Simple pleasures...

    1. Yes, it's a shame that we can'e do it.
      Thanks for commenting on my blogpost, Kim.

  6. We missed church. A lot.

    This morning, we were allowed to sign up if we wanted to go, as long as everyone wore masks and stayed apart, every other pew. It was wonderful and weird at the same time, because i want hugs!

    1. How on earth did that work? Masks in church? Doesn't seem quite right.


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