Thursday, February 13, 2020

Our Lady of Lourdes

13th Feb 2020

The 11th  February is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. 

This year my husband , my daughter and I watched The Song of Bernadette, the old one with the accompaniment of  old fashioned romantic music and some really over the top  acting. It was, however edifying to watch and  I was reminded that we visited the resting place of Bernadette in Nevers,  when we visited France a few years back. They keep her body in the little chapel there. 
Her body is incorrupt ( ie. does not show any signs of decomposition) and she has a beautiful, serene look on her face. She is small, maybe less than five feet. We spent quite a while in prayer in the chapel on our visit. I was aware that it might be the only time we would get there. Her story is remarkable.
 I remember getting a little statuette when I went to Lourdes with my parents and sisters. It was an image of the grotto with Our Lady and St Bernadette. The figures glowed in the dark and I would often look across at them from my bed if I woke in the night. I think that first visit to Lourdes all those years ago had a formative effect on my life in many ways.

The Chapel and the grounds of the convent where the nuns still live


  1. What lovely memories of being there! It looks very serene.

    1. Yes, lovely memories indeed
      We had a wonderful time. It was like one long Pilgrimage.


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