Tuesday, April 2, 2019


2nd April

A poem a day in April:

Using the promp of asking quRoadtrip


Is that the sun hidden
behind the mist,
As my joy dwells deep within
Shadowed by an endless
"To do" list?
Did we pack jumpers,
It's still "that time" of year,
To warm chilly words
That might escape?
While we bumble along
On this
Roadtrip of life.
Did we include the food,
To nourish and sustain,
To take away the strain,
To keep us fit and strong?
Will we last forever,
Or is that too long?


  1. Most of us bumble along, i think, hoping we get some of it right.

    1. Yes, we bumble along , but wanting to get it right and working towards it is what counts. We have no assurities.


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