Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Angel of the North

10th April 2019

Poem A Day in April -Day 10

Have missed writing a poem a day for April this last week.
Couldn't work out how to get to my blog . I was being asked for a password which I vdidn't remember.
This morning , not sure what happened, but I'm in!

Angel Of The North

Perched on this hill reaching for the sky
Seen for miles around, standing so high,
You are a sign of unity and togetherness
Strong and tall, For mighty Northeast
Yet also,
A beacon of warmth 
Throwing open your arms of welcome.


  1. This is lovely... both your poem and the statue! It does seem to welcome all with open arms! ♥️

  2. Wow! I was actually able to leave a comment today! I’ve tried before and usually it disappears! 😊

  3. Hi and thanks for stopping at my blog! I enjoyed reading through several of your poems and also the wonderful memory of the babies birth. I've enjoyed my visit!

    1. Thank you so much Mari.
      Sorry my response is so late, but I'm cleaning and tidying my blog and found your lovely comment.


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