Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So Much

1st August 2017

Well, it's been a long time since  you heard from me dear readers and I apologise for that.

We ( my husband and I) have been away for a month in our camper. More on that later.

Today I'm going to join in with Josie Two Shoes' TTOT - ten things of thankfulness - blog.

So, where to start?

So Much

1. I love our camper and am thankful that we got some time away in France and Spain. I even had a chance to try out the two languages, although more study is definitely needed.
2. We saw some really beautiful places - mountains, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, pretty towns and villages, cathedrals and churches.
3. We met some wonderful people, and some so generous they inspire you to be better.
4. The weather, apart from the first week, was brilliant. I did have to buy a hat to protect my lips.
5. We swam in the sea, in lakes, in rivers and in a swimming pool.
6. We made a pilgrimage and prayed in the most interesting and sacred places, feeling close to the real meaning of everything.
7. We ate lovely bread and cheese and red  wine was cheap enough to enjoy more than a few times.
8 We kept within budget, only using a camp site two nights during the whole four weeks. The aires are totally adequate when you've got a camper. We also did quite a bit of wild camping, one time right next to a seven mile stretch of beach.
9. The Pyrenees were amazing . Need to repeat: the Pyrenees were absolutely amazing and will give a background to my every waking moment as long as my memory holds out.
10. Although, we loved our adventure and had to come home early for health a appointment, It was the most delicious feeling falling into my own bed. Yes, good to be home too. And see some of the children. Hopefully see all of them throughout the summer.

I will write more about the expedition later.


  1. Oh Maz, I was so happy to see this post linked up, and also your posts popping in on Facebook, I am glad to know you are safely back home. You are right that your own bed feels like sleeping in luxury after you've been away awhile. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time travelling together and experiencing life first hand in some amazingly beautiful places! I hope you'll be sharing more photos of the trip here as time goes on. I can't think of anything more fun than camping in the wild, just you and nature... the sights, the sounds, the smells... memories to savor for the rest of your life! I am thankful that you met some really nice people along the way too. There are good people to be found everywhere! I am so happy you got to do this and I hope it happens again next year if not before! :-) XOXO, Josie

  2. Thanks Josie. I'm finding it a bit hard to get back to the normal swing of life. xxx It's great to know that you appreciate what I offer. xx


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