Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Year Ago, the Tears Flow

29th Dec 2016

Feeling a bit reflective about the past and how, no matter what we do, it stays with us.

Purple Pain

Although I try to keep away,
 to dwell only in today,
 my thoughts  go back to this time last year.
All  shadows, purple pain,
internal black rain,
often I'd look for a place to shed a  tear.
So much to endure,
it was heavy for sure,
with  so many  of my days  lost to fear.
But even looking back,
and following the track,
I'm left with the fact that things are still unclear.
But I need to let it go,
at least not let it show,
and welcome  the start of this brand new year.


  1. God gives us the strength to take each day as it comes, and I lean heavily on that at times, the bigger picture can be so overwhelming. I pray that you continue to find hope and reasons for joy and thanksgiving in your life, you have so many blessings around you in the form of children and grandchildren!

    This is not a favorite time of the year for me either, since my father died on Dec. 30th seven years ago. Now my memories are marked by a funeral in South Dakota in sub-zero winter, and one like it for my mother who died on Jan. 9th fourteen years before him. I am always relieved when mid-January comes around and I can let go of those sad times for another year.

  2. I think your poem is one that others can relate to because the holidays are difficult for so many people and so many reasons. Memories can be bittersweet, the good and bad so tightly interwoven. I wish you peace and a new year filled with blessings that last. Hugs.


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