Saturday, December 31, 2016

Before I Go

31st Dec 2016.

That will be the last time, unless by accident , I write 2016.
It's the end of another year.

I've not been writing much on my blog but I'm amazed that during the last month there have been over a thousand visits bringing the total to over 26,000. Now that's a wonderful thing to think that people are reading my words, such as they are , even when I'm not paying attention.
I would like to post more useful stuff, but I am what I am and what I post I post.
Thank you to those who follow me and write beautiful comments. Keep them coming because it encourages me a great deal to know that you have taken the trouble to write a few words for my benefit.

Have you got a wish for 2017  ?  Mine is that I get to write a lot more and get better at it .

So bring it on , 2017 !! Let's see what unfolds ...  And ...

Before I Go

Look back on the old year
Only to take the lessons and the good
Look forward to the new year
Hoping all works out best, as it should.
But live in this moment, be happy 
Now is your time to love, if you would 

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  1. I was delighted to discover your blog this year, and I'm sure that others feel the same! Your words ring true and come from the heart, and that's what I appreciate most in a writer. It was a pleasure to get to know you more and I too look forward to the months ahead. I also hope to write more . Wishing you a new year bright with inspiration and filled with the love of family and friends! You have it so right, that we must live in the moment before it is lost to us. Today is a good day to begin 😊


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