Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Love Living by the Sea

18th Sept 2107

Something I wrote three years ago. Since then we have walked many times for many miles along the coast.  I can't believe I felt my body wasn't up to it, but that was then . It's not so easy now to go for that cuppa on the beach as it's fifteen minutes walk away . Then it was less than a minute - just a few steps between us and the shore . I do miss that .

14th Sept 2014
A post that should of gone out in July:

A nice memory, especially as the summer is ending.

There are so many good things about living where we do.
So we were up early this morning and out for a walk at 7.00am.
there is the possibility of going for miles along the coast
with the view constantly changing , giving new delights.
The balmy sea breeze brings seeps its magic into a willing  mind
With each breath a memory captured , held for future

But the many seasons  have aged  the bones of this
once agile body, giving it cause to go steady
 legs, once eager to stride out in adventure now complain,
seeking respite.
So we curtail the long walk,  ignoring  its promises and turn
for home,
decide to sit on the beach with cup of tea and enjoy
 the rest of the hour we've allotted ourselves .
waves, in timely motion,  bring in the tide and plenty of seaweed
the vast expanse of ocean claims our spirits,
 energises, refreshes.
Then he goes for a swim, while I look on and think
I should have worn my costume
and joined him.
Back for breakfast.

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