Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two poems

19th September 2019

I can't believe this was 5 years ago. Where does the time go?

Must get and write some new poetry.

Went to a great afternoon at the Gulbenkian - a Masterclass with the amazing Joelle Taylor, poet extraordinaire!!!

She describes herself as :
 poet, spoken word artist, playwright, novelist and cultural terrorist(not sure what that means).
You can find her online.

So, here are my two poems from that day. I did some collaborative pieces too but will only post my own for now.

 Smoke seeps into the skin of waiting saviours,
creeping into their nostrils,
They call to her,
"Come on, you can do it, we'll catch you.."
"I can't, my baby," She screeches,
ghostly, with the voice of her ancestors,
"Take her first!"
She throws the startled creature through the air,
Limbs like sticks, wide eyed.- he travels in slow motion,
Plop, into the arms of a burley bear of manhood.
Again they call, cheer her on,
Now she jumps, relief that she has already gone before.
A flatfish, splayed, limbs free, she falls,
into the outstretched arms of the guilty,
While the building burns on.


This old building needs restoring,
After long grey years,
Scarred with use and abuse.
It's concrete slabs crumbling,
It's broken windows of shattered dreams ,
Vacant eyes staring.
Shape a scaffold with crane and forklift...
And mascara  ...
Cover the cracks, the tracks
Made by tears that smacks
of fears -
who hears anyway.
Fill in the holes of memory loss,
Though no one  gives a toss,
That it's going that way.
Repaint the facade of this body .
Scrub white the green slime ,
The pain of disappointment,
And stand tall again,
Proud to be noticed.

Hope you liked these.

I want to write another poem about war.
I have an idea. Just need to do some research.

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