Saturday, May 24, 2014

My First Ever Blogpost

It's amazing looking back at my first ever blogpost. As you will see at the end of this it was a short piece written just over two years ago (24th May 2014)  that just explained what I was hoping the blog would be.
Joanna had got married in the February that year and things had sort of settled so I was trying this new idea out to see if I could get the hang of it.

Well I certainly did . I've been blogging off and on since then , sometimes not as  much  as other times, but always coming back to it. A lot has happened in those two years . Five new grandchildren, and a first great grandchild. A move to a new house - downsizing. The deaths of an uncle , my mum and dad and a few good friends , one in particular will be missed  - dear Sonia. And much more. Life doesn't stand still and we can't either.  

The summer is racing by and whilst we had great plans for the garden and the decorating of the house we  put the family and all their needs first. But it will all get done in the end. 

So here it is. The day I started this madness:

24th May 2014

Ok, so here goes. Let's see how I get on with a blog. No idea what I'm doing but I trust that  it will work.
And I hope, if anybody ( yes you) does come to read it, that they will enjoy it and enter into conversation with me. And maybe we can do some "putting the world to rights" or something.
Just heard on the news that they found the upturned boat that the four British sailors were on with the life raft still attached, which means that they are dead. Very sad news indeed. My heart goes out to the families whose hope has now been dashed.
But stars only shine in the darkness and I believe that even from this painful situation good will emerge.
I did shiver when I thought of them drowning, though. That would be my least favourite way to die, I have to say.
So, what will I write on this  blog?
I think I shall answer all sorts of dilemmas. The sort that they have in the women's magazines. And if you have a different opinion then by all means let me know. It could make for an interesting chat. It would be like you were in my kitchen joining in the debate. For today I just want to see if I can get started.
So God Bless.
Talk again soon.


  1. Hi, your blog page seems to be working fine. Yes, a sad loss and a frightening way to go. In answer to your third paragraph, there will be some well fed sea life. And, in answer to your forth, I read somewhere years ago that once water has filled your lungs there is no pain, and no more panic. I hope you find these positive comments comforting.

  2. Hello Mark, thanks for giving me your thoughts. I hope you will keep following as I stumble along in my new blog world.

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