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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Vauxhall Victor

Squashed together in the back of the
Vauxhall Victor Estate - green -
Three sisters cocooned in sleeping bags.

Surrounded by pillows and other
Camping paraphernalia,
They fidget and bicker,
Moan and cry.
They are:
Too hot, too close, too hungry
Too uncomfortable.

Parents try to distract,

Send back sweets
Even though
The sun has yet to come up.

Five thirty at Dover docks
Morning light  from the East,
Glitters on sea,
Reveals White cliffs.

As they drive onto the ferry.
Their nostrils delight
In the salty, fishy hope
Of holiday.

This is the first
Of many excursions
They will make to the continent.


  1. Hi Marian .. I think I owe you a visit after you commented on my Cornish posts ... and I'm still taking time out - til September. But yes those memories of travel ... we used to go from outside London (Woking area) to the Lake District, or to Cornwall ... and I'm sure we bickered all the way!

    We only had one continental trip later on when I was in my teens ... cheers Hilary


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