Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Getting Here

 9th September 2020

Here is a revision of a piece from before. 

In this time of Pandemic, when all sense seems to be hidden where no one can find it, our lives have to go on in some sort of acceptable way. 

Keep safe friends and have no fear, things will be ok in the end.

How Did I Get Here

On my birthday that year, 
Not so long ago,
I  risked shattering my dream,
a dream I was frightened 
of seeing evaporate 
once the heat was turned up.
I took a chance.
With palms sweaty, heart pounding 
in my chest, I stop for a moment 
to breathe
I plunge into the unknown,
my soul lay bare, exposed,
like the emperor who thinks he's
 clothed in Gold and fine linen. 
I had no idea if I could, 
Who was I to think I was able?
But was I, would it work?
No, I, me, a nobody, I had nothing,
nothing to say, surely. 
Yet, I was forgetting, 
forgetting the woman I was,
A lioness
With deep roots in the mountains
in the  valleys, in the bogs, 
Of the forty shades, 
With Storytellers for ancestors.
I should have known that I could
that I would,
And, oh so softly,  I did.
And here I am.


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