Thursday, July 19, 2018

Seaside poem

19th July 2018

Seaside Poem - just for fun

Every day I visit the shore
Each quite different to the one before.
If the trees are still and all is calm
I shine  like glass, a deceiving  balm.
On these days I especially look forward to
Children splashing and crashing the blue.
I oblige their frolics with my happy spray
And again the splash and giggle and play.
Yachters out for a spot of sailing
And further out fishermen whaling.
While I hold myself still and as calm as can be
They give the whales chase and sing merrily.
They have no idea I’m part of their crew
Making an effort, doing all I can do.
I’m little thought of most of the time,
So I love it when I can whip up my brine.
On blustery days I race into the coast
Huge arms of waves making the boast
That I am strong and make no mistake
If you're in my way, I’ll crush you like cake.
I bring debris with me, I throw it around
Flotsom and seaweed spread on the ground.
My angry time, brown and green churned
May do some damage but if you’ve learned
To keep your distance and always beware
We’ll get on fine,
And you’ll keep your hair.

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