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Butter or Margarine

15th March 2021

A little piece from a few years ago, written when me and my husband found ourselves with the house to ourselves as the children had all left home.
 Two have boomeranged back in the meantime so, there is no more butter, except at Christmas.

Butter or Margarine

Are you a butter or margarine person? Why do you make that choice?

Is it that you love butter but it costs twice as much as margarine , so there’s no real choice, you just can’t justify having the butter?

I slurp as I lick my lips and my fingers. Butter melts into and drips from my toasted rolls. So much joy in the taste of it. I remember butter, great lumps of it sliding down potatoes, the potatoes we had with bacon and cabbage when I was a child.  I remember the farmhouse table at my grandmother's house, with a fresh cob loaf and butter cut into wedges  to be placed on the bread and eaten like that, no spreading involved. 

I take my time prolonging the happiness going on in my mouth, a happiness that actually feels as if it’s in my brain, and which travels through my body.  While I’m in my temporary Heaven, I ponder the fact that for years, while bringing up the children we chose, for reasons of cost and many mouths to feed, to buy cheap margarine.

Now, margarine is not the same thing as butter, is it? Because , isn’t it true that you wouldn’t want, nobody would want , margarine dripping down your chin or to bite into thick lumps of it in your sandwich, which means that you eat less or none at all, being as it’s not the tastiest accompaniment to your fresh bread. You wouldn’t put slabs of it, for instance, onto your toast and let it soak in and then put more on, just to feel and taste the deliciousness of it on the warm toast.

But all the children have left home now, so we can spoil ourselves, eating nearly half a pound of butter each every week. I know, that’s a lot right? It could be more, though. we have to be temperate with it. It’s hard.

My mother and my grandmother both had butter in their pantry or fridge all the time, having no time at all for the unnatural alternative and mum would bring her own with her ( only Kerrygold would do) whenever she came to visit.

It has become, for me, one of the pleasures of life, which I don’t want to give up but which I have to watch carefully because I am eating a lot more bread and new potatoes, both tasting so delicious with the added knob of butter.

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  1. Oh yes, give me real butter please! After years of using the sticks and tubs of chemical crap touted to be so much healthier, we now know it isn't really. Real butter does indeed taste wonderful on bread and muffins and veggies and pretty much anything! I think of it as a sweet indulgence, and if it's going to kill me, better that than something nasty like bland yellow paste in a tub! :-) Enjoy! The next time I get out the butter, I'll think of you and smile! XOXO

  2. Only butter will do for my Sweetie, and if you read the chemicals that are in the other, you will understand why. We've only had butter here.

    Wishing many happy returns of the day to your Husband!

  3. The more we learn of alternatives for our health's sake the more we realize they are not much short of poison. The secret is moderation in all things especially those things you enjoy the most! Great six sentence story.

  4. Oh dear, I think I'm going to be a lone voice here! I dare not have butter in the house because I wouldn't be able to leave it alone! Hot toast dripping in butter, butter filled baked potatoes, buttered scones.....I'm dribbling just thinking about it. I lost an enormous amount of weight not long ago and I don't want to pile it back on. So I have boring Marg and leave it alone!

  5. Interesting! Growing up, (for reasons totally non-remembered) I would not touch real butter, totally preferring margarine. At some point my taste buds or something switched and I now would not touch margarine. Funny about tastes and such.

  6. Oh, I never liked margarine, but for the same reasons, my mother served it instead of butter and I would rather do without. She always used it when baking to save money. I found out that margarine contains trans-fat which is worse for your health than the dairy fat in butter. So enjoy, I do!


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