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Thursday, September 21, 2017


20th Sept 2017

The cue for the six sentence story this week is "plate" . So, here, I had a go...


The leaves -  brown, golden, red - pirouette around  tree trunks in the park - remains of warmer days.
 Those long , sunny days when children chased each other round these same trees, while parents sat chatting on picnic blankets in the still shade of colourful parasols,  a feast of tempting summer foods laid out before them.
I shiver in the chill earthy breeze and remember a plate of cold meats, mixed green and purple leaves, sweet, red tomatoes, spring onions and  home made mayonnaise and fresh bread and butter and think that today I would prefer hot thick soup with a crispy roll.
It wasn't an unusual scene, nor an exceptional day - we'd had many such outings - except that it was the last time we would ever see Charlie.
I hold my coat around me, walk slowly around the trees and notice the green to pale brown colour of the acorns that I crunch underfoot with each step.
I don't often come through the park these days, but am on my way to see his mum and have been thinking a lot about that picnic, how happy all the children were, how Arthur and Charlie, both twelve during that week, spent the afternoon climbing trees and how, when it was time to go home they begged to stay  for just another half an hour and come home on their own.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Camper days

16th Sept.2017

It seems such a long time now since our trip to France and Spain with our camper. The memories, though , are still fresh in my mind and like new bread the aroma of them wafts over me sometimes. So today I searched out a photo of those warmer days. 
I had to stop to take this picture when we were driving  up through the mountains on the coast of France before crossing the border into Spain. My husband is standing next  to the sheer drop of hundreds of feet that are on his right. Notice her isn't leaning on the red railing , or looking down at the view - a bit scared of heights. In front of him there are more mountains to climb. This was an exquisitely beautiful part of our journey. But again the photo doesn't do it justice at all.

Not sure what bridge I am on in this picture but I think it's a good example of the many lovely places we stopped at. Not that we took as many pictures as we might have done, because everywhere was just amazing.

And this is another take on the same river . Ahh, I remember now, it was a little town we passed through and stopped for a while because it was "pretty" . My husband peered into this river for ages watching the fish . He grew more determined as time went on that he would buy a fishing rod to take on our adventures. I'm happy with that as long as we can eat the catch.
He has now bought a rod and is waiting to use it.

I hope you like the pictures.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Border / Cast

14th Sept 2017 

Joining this weeks six story sentence challenge with  the cue cast. As I didn't post anything for the cue "border" a few weeks ago, I thought I could amalgamate the two .

Border ....

While Adnan's  hands grew painful and his throat dry with the fumes from the lorries ahead making it more and more difficult for him to breathe, he dreamed of a new life that was awaiting him when he crossed the border and pondered  what it might be like and decided that all of this would be worthwhile in the end.. 
It had been easy to stow away on the underside of the huge artic, finding a place where he could almost sit , although perched precariously, needing both hands to hang on. 
The lorry slowed now as they neared the border, and he prayed like mad, his heart thumping loudly, water running from his face and dripping onto the road as, looking through the gaps he could just spot other lorries being stopped and checked. 
Was this going to be the end of the road, his new life cut short before it had begun, all the suffering of the last four weeks for nothing , just to be sent back to Syria?
He let out a soft , slow breath when the artic was waved through and with no inspection the journey began again.  
Two hours later in a dark motorway car park the lorry pulled to  a stop and as all seemed quiet Adnan  uncurled his cold, aching bones,  lowered himself to the ground and on hands and knees,  crawled out and cast a furtive glance around him wondering which way he should go now. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


31st Aug 2017

In response to the cue from "Six Sentences" :


Two grandsons, faces set with pensive frowns,slowly, deliberately,  lower two baskets into the  hole in the ground as the rest of us bend over and peer in , some giving instructions - "mum slept on the right," and "they'll enjoy that  lovely view down the hill ".
I can't believe that it's a year ago today since that little scene took place on the day we buried my mum and dad's ashes side by side,  together forever.
It seems that time only increases the emptiness that cannot be filled, as on so many occasions I long to hear their voices or listen to their stories -  stories of our history which I know I should have paid more attention to.
They were the ones that kept me connected, always happy to pass on news of how things were with the rest of the family.
 All too soon the chances are taken from us and there is a gaping chasm that cannot be filled or covered over.
Maybe with time it will lose it's importance and certainly we become the older generation who pass on wisdom to the one below.
Although  I really don't feel up to the task of being the "elder", I know that from me the younger ones will learn about their roots and the people that make them up, so the cycle will continue.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


3rd August 2017

Yesterday our family welcomed a new baby. A  new grandaughter for me - Maria. Although we now have twenty four grandchildren, the miracle of new life doesn't diminish. If anything it becomes more special, more precious  Congrats to the little family .

Changing the subject, I'm posting a six sentence attempt just to try and get back in the swing of things. The cue word  is pickle. I did think I'd write something about our "new little pickle", but changed my mind.
Anyway here goes:

It had seemed a good idea at the time to get ponchos for, you know, that unlikely scenario when the weather on the continent might not be so favourable.
 It came down, in the end, to a choice between a "pac a mac with hood" or a "full covering poncho"and as we tried them on in Go Outdoors it made perfect sense to have something that kept dry, not just you , but anything you might be carrying.  
So, having bought said ponchos we secreted them at the back of a cupboard in the camper, behind other items that weren't likely to be needed often, such as my "going out|" jewellery box and my red 
high heel shoes.
Anyway, to cut a long story short and for the sake of the six, from the minute we hit French soil we were soggy, with rain set to be our constant bugbear for the next five days.
No worries, we said , we'll keep dry under our new ponchos and carry on enjoying our pilgrimage.
That was all very well until I got in a right pickle every time I wanted to get to my bag or to use my arms in a normal way, at which point I thought , those pac a macs would have done a darn site better job .

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


2nd August 2017.

One of the many beautiful views that we saw on our travels. We only captured a minute selection and of course never had the camera ready or couldn't stop for some of the more amazing , jaw dropping ones. What a wonderful world we live in . This one was taken as we were creeping up the side of a cliff that was just over a car width wide with clear drops to the bottom.
Of course , as always , the photo doesn't do the place justice. You can't capture the whole and a lot of the atmosphere is lost . 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So Much

1st August 2017

Well, it's been a long time since  you heard from me dear readers and I apologise for that.

We ( my husband and I) have been away for a month in our camper. More on that later.

Today I'm going to join in with Josie Two Shoes' TTOT - ten things of thankfulness - blog.

So, where to start?

So Much

1. I love our camper and am thankful that we got some time away in France and Spain. I even had a chance to try out the two languages, although more study is definitely needed.
2. We saw some really beautiful places - mountains, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, pretty towns and villages, cathedrals and churches.
3. We met some wonderful people, and some so generous they inspire you to be better.
4. The weather, apart from the first week, was brilliant. I did have to buy a hat to protect my lips.
5. We swam in the sea, in lakes, in rivers and in a swimming pool.
6. We made a pilgrimage and prayed in the most interesting and sacred places, feeling close to the real meaning of everything.
7. We ate lovely bread and cheese and red  wine was cheap enough to enjoy more than a few times.
8 We kept within budget, only using a camp site two nights during the whole four weeks. The aires are totally adequate when you've got a camper. We also did quite a bit of wild camping, one time right next to a seven mile stretch of beach.
9. The Pyrenees were amazing . Need to repeat: the Pyrenees were absolutely amazing and will give a background to my every waking moment as long as my memory holds out.
10. Although, we loved our adventure and had to come home early for health a appointment, It was the most delicious feeling falling into my own bed. Yes, good to be home too. And see some of the children. Hopefully see all of them throughout the summer.

I will write more about the expedition later.