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Friday, October 21, 2016

Nature's Calling

22nd October 2016

Nearly caught up now - Day 21 in the challenge.  Another acrostic:

Nature's Calling

Now is the time to think of the planet
Alter the way we use the goods of the earth
Take more care of the little things
Using up the leftovers, not throwing it away
Really making sure not to but too much
Even being a little frugal for the sake of the planet
Saving some money into the bargain for use on
Caring for people. There are
All sorts of ways that could make a difference
Leaving the car at home for instance and using those
Legs will make us all healthier and save on fuel
It's a small but effective change to make and say
Nature's calling us to help take more care- change toxic chemicals for eco friendly
Get more attentive - turn of the lights and use less water.

White Rose

           Day 20

           White Rose

One rose , left all alone in the late October cold
One rose, a white bud breaking open in the autumn sun
One rose, in the corner of the garden
The only remembrance of summer's happy colours
There , reminding us of a life lost  - six years ago
A pure delicate rose -  in Heaven now


Day 19 - Trees

When you can't see the wood for the trees,
And all about you is dark,
And the boughs weigh heavy
With despair, pulling you deep
Deep down, slowing your every move
Your legs as if in quick sand , ache
Ache , with the effort of having to

Stop, breathe, Know
Know that nothing is that bad,
You will get through , feel light again.
The mayhem will go on whether
You fret or not,
So why fret
Feel the eternity in the present moment ,
Find inside the space, the air,
Rest, untangle tight muscles,
Stay still, silent for a while,
Drink in the cosmos
Be light in the darkness
Glide on  wings of peace

Monday, October 17, 2016


                                                                    18th October 2016


As more senseless killings are reported 
From around the world 
As our old people are hidden away to sit 
Staring out of a window 
Alone, abandoned and feeling useless , 
Just biding time - or worse, 
Costing too much for us to care,
We may wonder if life has become devalued  and today
We are only acceptable 
If we can look after ourselves and 
Not bother anybody else.


17th October 2016

Managed to get out for a run this morning even though my body was trying to rebel. Did a 34 minute run  - out in the dark .
Me : "just to the next lamp post.... walk now... start again... to the bin... and the next one... and again... you can do it.... walk now... gasp gasp ... gasp.... shall I run a bit more ... yes, just to the end of the road, ok not that far .... etc etc etc xxx " And it was lovely running/walking /gasping. /sweating/ by the sea...
But I went out and did it...x
 — feeling proud.

An acrostic:


So hard to get out of bed, maybe I'll leave it till tomorrow, the sun's not even up.
Ah... come on , you can do it.. You'll be back before you know it.. and what a
Vast improvement you'll make if you keep it up... yes come on, out you get
Or, do you always want to come in last, in everything... no - well then, 
Run - for thirty minutes - it's not much , and so good for you,, the heart rate increased 
You'll be fit and healthy , have more energy ... OK, I'm off, ...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

In- depth

                                                                                                 16th October 2016

I can't believe it's day 16 already. Abundant blessings on all you lovely readers who are sticking with my words. 


You can't have an in-depth conversation when running,
In fact it's difficult to have any conversation at all
Well, it is for me - looking around on my 5k run , it seems it's not
Beyond others.
Others, can manage it - conversing, I mean, not sure it's in-depth, but
It's still one hundred percent better than me , I can't utter any sounds
That are not a gasp.
Gasping, because I can't breathe deeply,
Gasping, because I'm searching for air for my constricted lungs,
Gasping, because, apparently, I need to pace myself,
Not go too fast,
Gasping , because, actually, even when I go very slow
I still cannot breath.
One day, they say, I'll be able to run the 5k and not gasp
One day, they say, I'll be able to run the 5k and talk at the same time,
On that day,
Then, maybe, I'll be able to have an
In-depth conversation while running.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


                                                                                15th October

Well it's the 15th day of the poetry challenge and almost half way there. I've been trying to figure a way to post poems while I'm away for a few days without my computer or access to one.
I might have to post three on Thursday all together. I hope that counts for the poem a day thing. If not , It can't be helped - more to do with technology difficulties than unwillingness to get creative .
Anyway for today then, the prompt being "Blue"


Some warming up, some bending and chatting - most standing , waiting, going blue with the cold.
Young, not so young, men, women , girls, boys, all shapes and sizes all gathered to do the 5K park run.
One youngish woman - well younger than me by quite a bit - befriended this older specimen
And as we ran, following the 35 minute pacer , we talked a bit, for a bit, until , and I knew it would come,
I couldn't breathe.
So, on we go together, even though she is faster than me- she kindly keeps me company.
In a way, running is like writing - a solitary activity - out in the evenings counting the lamp posts
In your own world.
Writing, the same, at your desk, dreaming and pondering what comes next,
In your own world,
Then get together with others to practice - either writing or running - but still it's down to just you
You share the experience but you can't share the doing of it and you're
In you're own world.
My new friend crossed the line after me so I would not be last -  friend for life now
My time - 42.01 minutes - her PB -  36.00- Thanks friend