Thursday, February 23, 2017


23rd Feb 2017 

We are busily getting ready to have visitors at the weekend  for the celebration of our Sapphire Wedding. My health has not been so good , so my dear hubby has been working hard doing it all.
I am so looking forward to seeing family and friends. I can't wait.

Six sentences .  Prompt word - second


Henry put his beer can down next to the tiller and concentrated  on easing  the old girl gently into her mooring, trying to avoid colliding with the towpath as she bobbed about in the early evening breeze.

He crawled along on all fours thinking,  this is not to do with my drinking, it's just that the ruddy wreck can't be still, just like her previous owner.

He got the rope and tumbled out, managing after a few tries and some frustrated remarks to secure the barge to it's post.

He'd inherited the boat sixteen  months previously when his wife died, murdered actually, and he'd wanted to get away for a bit, which the money from her will provided for nicely.

The investigation was ongoing as the police, although they'd interviewed one man for a second time, hadn't arrested anyone yet.

Good luck with that, thought Henry as he went back on the boat, all the evidence is underwater now and maybe I'll get a new boat and start over .


  1. Yikes! If Henry is as guilty as he appears to be, I am surprised that the boat belonging to his late wife didn't toss him into the sea when it had the chance! One thing I've found to be true, the best laid plans for getting away with something don't usually work out quite as smoothly as planned. And even if he gets away with it, he'll be spending the rest of his life listening for that knock at the door.

    Happy, happy anniversary to you dear friend, I hope you're feeling so much better by then, so you can enjoy the day! XOXO

  2. Well, daa-am! Henry should be the second suspect!! Good one.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Congratulations on your Sapphire wedding anniversary.

  4. They always think they can get away with it, but seldom is it true. He may be tripped up yet!

  5. Oh, my! This was like a Hitchcock tale. Well penned.


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