Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Christmas over for another year

2nd Feb 2017

Today we finished the extended Christmas season by putting the crib away . I always have it out until the Feast of the Presentation which we celebrate today - the last time the baby Jesus is mentioned in the liturgy until next Christmas. It's also called Candlemas, Christ being the light of the world. We light candles and process around the Church singing .
We do need light in our world today. There seems to be so much darkness, so many living in the shadows. We look forward to a new spring time , a new energy for life and happiness.

This is something from last year that I'd forgotten about. Reading it brought back memories of how things were , how each day was a waiting game . I didn't realise how near we were to it being the last day. Just as well... :

 Walking back to my mothers house this morning I pondered on the need to stop calculating.
So often we go over things in our minds trying to work them out. Most of the time we can have no effect on outcomes so it ends up a waste of time. Also, we miss the beauty that is right in front of us.

Not Calculating

For twenty minutes I chose to notice
What was there:
The rain gifting me with its light spray
I lifted my head
Into the fine peper like sky ,
Breathing in the moment,
Letting my face enjoy the misty spots.
The silence hidden behind the
Din of traffic, waiting for my presence.
And the silence full of song,
As the road became clear.
Birds, competing with each other,
"Who could sing the sweetest"
Seemingly just for me.
Every step rich with freshness
Tickling the senses.
Yesterday's curry presenting
A memory for today,
Pleasantly wafting briefly past,
Leaving an almost-taste to
Accompany me.
All gone too fast,
Yet ...

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  1. This was a beautifully written reminder of how quickly life passes and how much of it we miss out on by being absent, away somewhere in our minds. I calculate too, and my mind is always awhirl with so many thoughts that I miss what's right in front of me, not to mention all the beauty around me. We need to practice what you did, turning all that off for a bit and living in the present. Sounds like it was time spent well! XOXO


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