Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chicken Curry today

Well, that's that then. Christmas over for another year. All the mayhem has calmed . Tree taken down - everything back to normal. Even the cupboards are bare again and it's back to the "ordinary" diet. Thank goodness - all that rich food gets a bit much. Chicken curry today - made with left overs from yesterdays roast - yes, I know it wasn't Sunday, but the son's girlfriend was coming to dinner and it seemed a good ploy to get them round the table with us. It worked.
But everything isn't quite back to normal for us though, for today we signed the transfer deeds for the sale of our home . Very reluctantly , because there is no turning back , we did it!
I was almost in a state of panic, thinking that we won't be able to have so many family gatherings anymore as we go from our five bedroomed house with loft "overspill" accommodating  at least 10 to a small three bedroomed with no room for extras at all.  We will just have to use living room and dining room floors and provide sleeping bags.
I'm a complete mix of emotions with it all. On the one hand looking forward very much to the change and the adventure that will bring, but on the other hankering after things to stay the same, with the familiarity of the known.
So, looking forward to 2015 and what it might bring.
What might we wish for?
God willing, our move will go well and we will be settled in a new home in a couple of months time.
After that, I hope things go smoothly for my Grandson and his wife as they embark on parenthood, making me a Great Grandmother. Can't really get my head round that one yet. A new phase. I just can't help remembering as if it was just yesterday when he was eighteen months old and fell asleep, head falling into his baked beans. He's always loved his food.
I would like to visit my other grandchildren more , so will have to be proactive where that's concerned.
Time waits for no man, as they say.
And more writing. Yes, more writing. Looking back over the last year I can see that I did do rather a lot. Hopefully I shall continue and get better at it. Although at the moment I can't see how.
And more time seeing friends.
That'll do.
Until next time....


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