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Friday, May 19, 2017


19th May 2017 

I was enjoying watching the bees this morning. So...


Eight little bees around a rhododendron bush
Buzzing away, collecting nectar
So they can pollinate our food for us

free bumble bee picturesEighty percent of the food we eat is pollinated
By the bees
So, let's protect them and help them along

 heir work is immensely worthwhile
Without them
Where would we be

Could you invest in some plants
To encourage them to breed
Could you please

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Here's a poem I found :

The Hive
The colony grew in my body all that summer.
The gaps between my bones filled
with honeycomb and my chest
vibrated and hummed. I knew
the brood was healthy, because
the pheromones sang through the hive
and the queen laid a good
two thousand eggs a day.
I smelled of bee bread and royal jelly,
my nails shone with propolis.
I spent my days freeing bees from my hair,
and planting clover and bee sage and
woundwort and teasel and borage.
I was a queendom unto myself.

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  1. This is a heartfelt message and a lovely poem, Maz! Too many remain ignorant of how important this little buzzing creature is to the world's food supply! We have to stop poisoning their environment, and plant things that encourage them to reproduce and thrive! And really, isn't honey the nectar of the gods? I love honey in my cup of tea :-)


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