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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Brave Buddleia

4th July 2016

Time seems to be marching on at great speed and we are now in July. This last thirteen months has passed in a rather fuzzy blur. That's not to say the next thirteen will be any different . But will I have changed? Will things be the same or ...

buddleia: Buddleia flowering bush

But there is hope.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to acquire a buddleia plant through freecycle:

Brave Buddleia

We eventually find the house,
Hidden a little off the busy main road.
Eagerly, expectantly I walk up the path,
Through a wonderland full of colour and joy.
The door opens - here it is, she points...
My balmy balloon bursts,
Oh well, got to take it now,
Maybe the pot will make a home for a 
Better specimen, yes, that's it.
We drive home - silently.
We look at our new find,
Pot bound, dry, dreary,
Leaves brown edged.
A sorry sight.
But, let's at least give it a chance, we say.
We dig a large hole - plenty of room to grow,
If it wants.
We drench the earth.
Next I loosen the roots,
Tubers grown in on themselves,
So much pulling, pinching, prizing apart, 
Might I kill it off?
Now,  place in hollow with care. 
And water, 
And water, 
And water.
Give it a few weeks to settle 
Then look on in wonder 
Green, bright,
Even flowering,
Our brave, beautiful Buddleia.

Sometimes I feel a bit like my buddleia plant - constrained, dying for want of the right goodness.
But plant me in the best place, give me nourishment and encouragement and a lot of love and I will blossom with happiness- well, we all will...


  1. Creative post and photo ~ so informative ~ thanks for coming by ~ ^_^

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  2. Your buddleia is further on than our own. All we need now is butterflies - strangely scarce so far this year.


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