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Friday, May 1, 2015

My Favourite Thing About May

Hi  everyone and thank you all so much for following my blog throughout the month of April for Napowrimo. I found the challenge both exhausting and stimulating, so now it's the
1st May -  my official not writing a poem day  -  well, here's a few words that just spilled out:

               My Favourite Thing About May

My favourite thing about May,
Is the light that increases each day.
When the 31st has come,
Till nine we'll have fun,
And know summer is on it's way.
I suppose I must be addicted. I'll have to go to rehab:

                                         Ring friends for a chat,
                                            Eat out with hubby,
                                               Have conversations and
                                           Answer correctly,
                                        Bake yummy cakes

                                        That should sort me out.


  1. Nothing wrong with this addiction!

  2. Just going through my blog this to this world and just now finding some Replies and glad you've meandered though some of my posts. We are simpatico in some important ways....being a gramma especially! Did you see my Come Walk this Lane? Think you'll relate!! And Summer's Delight too. LOVE your idea of REHAB here :) I'm in my rejuvenatement period (refuse to use the word "retirement")...and loving this new found way to use my words.
    Have a great great day! lillian

  3. Lillian, I tried to go to your blog but I couldn't get anywhere with it. I'm so happy you've read some of mine and would love to catch up with yours. If you see this please reply.


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