Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas Eve 1968

17th Dec 2018

One Christmas long ago when we sisters walked to Midnight Mass.
We were happy to be out in the snow, in the dark.
Every year we would pray that it would snow for Christmas . It very rarely did.
So this was special and It felt quite magical.

Christmas Eve - 1968

Three sisters – 
exhilarated, excited, eager,
giggling, gabbling, gibbering,  
clad in cozy, coats,
warm,  winter, woolly  hats 

Image result for pictures of churches in the snow
 furry,  frost - free mittens  
and  wellies, in khaki  green-
step out from over-heated   house
Three sisters –
 leave behind,
 and don’t mind,
the atmosphere,
they leave it there
They are out, in the
 cold, crisp night.
 Christmas Eve.
 Snow stars sparkle 
 crystals, luminescent in rays of moon.
Soft flakes flutter down,
 like dancing angels
 melt, on upturned faces.
They trudge on slowly,
Perfect white beneath, 
crunching, crackling
leaving foot-shaped indents
heads held high ,
 they are free,
 for now.
In the distance -
 lights of the church,
 draw them onward
the singing of carols 
brings some joy 
to sisters,  sad,  souls
they forget, 
for a while 
what’s left at home, 
at that house.
they find their seats.
they are here for
 Midnight Mass


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