Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catching Up

Catching Up

Hi, all you lovely friends and readers, I thought I'd write a catch up.

Life has been a bit busy the last couple of months, which has left very little time to write. I've managed a few pieces but  do feel I need some mental space to think and ponder and get the creative juices flowing - or is this how it is? Do all writers have to chain themselves to their desks (real or imagined) and just get on with it, just work hard and something will happen?
I have yet to try the disciplined approach. I mean some writers sit at their desks for a certain number of hours a day. Others complete a pre- decided number of words or pages, every day.  Maybe this is where I fall down.
With me, it's more like I have to find some time to write or I'll go mad. It's not even that I have a great deal to say, I just have to write.
I feel a bit like that now and that is why I am just babbling on. I'll feel better then ( does this sound like addiction??) and be able to get on with real life. After all the washing still needs doing, the bins need putting out , food needs to be bought and cooked etc etc ....

Anyway, we have been in our new house now for six weeks and have been busy getting everything as we want it. We are eagerly waiting for the delivery of a cabin for the garden, which will be a studio for the artist in our midst. Currently all the art paraphernalia is taking over a room in the house. So I can't wait for the cabin to be ready. We are also waiting to hear if we can have a drop-kerb so that we can drive our newish car onto the drive.

Another drama that has kept us busy is the birth of a dear grandaughter a good few weeks earlier than she was due. They are all well, thank God, but it has been an anxious month or so. Much anguish was felt by all. She was ( still is) so small. Baby and mum are now getting out a little bit , which is a sign that things are going in the right direction.

And then, my own mum has been unwell which has been somewhat of a distraction. The good thing about this is that I've had the chance to visit her more and in so doing have connected not only with her but with my dad and my two lovely sisters.

And in amongst  all this there is the usual coming and going with children and grandchildren as the days just keep passing. For instance a couple of weeks ago we helped our eldest daughter move house.

Must go now...

Do get in touch and give me your thoughts...


  1. Wow, what a large family you have. No wonder you're so busy. As for the writing life, I'm the world's best when it comes to procrastination, which is why I have no choice but to chain myself to the computer. Especially when I have deadlines looming x

    1. Thanks for your comment Suzie. I must say I haven't yet chained myself to the computer, but if I did I'm sure I'd still get distracted with other stuff , like my email and facebook.

  2. You certainly have lots of activity going in your family.
    You know what? It makes me admire you all the more. It is
    hard to juggle important family events, comings and goings,
    with getting special time for your writing. Yet, I know you
    will do it. PS: I'm doing the same and procrastination is
    supposed to be an Aquarian trait. Do we believe it? I don't
    know because I'm changing that, like you. Great post, Marian.

    1. Thanks for your comment Terry. I'm still trying nearly five years later. I don't change.

  3. Thanks Suzie and Terry. I certainly plan to squeeze my writing in there somewhere. xx


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