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Monday, December 18, 2017

Lost In Autumn

18th Dec 2017

Lost In Autumn

Born in springtime,
 mama tree pushed you out 
a brand new bud.
delicate baby leaf on bare branch,
 you unfurled - sweet, green promise. 
Life water and nutrients absorbed
 from the blood of ancestors fed you
 roots into times unknown 
you, in turn, produced sugar sap
 nourishment for your tree.
In the rays of the sun,
you opened up,
 played , danced
 through the summer 
of your life, 
strong veins forming
 your  particular leaf shape -
individual to you.
Pleasure and hope you  gifted 
 to those who came by your wood
 in those fruitful long days, 
many drank in your colour, your light 
went away refreshed, replenished
you, only being yourself,
 unaware how much your warmth 
 touched so many.
It was  your time, your season - 
with others you wove
  a soft tapestry of wonder,
waving from your branch ,
 bestowing  your magic on all
 who would see.
So,  when the cold came
 and your green started to fade
Your sparkle diminishing 
 it was hard to take.
Signs of yellowing
 took us by surprise,
 halted us in our tracks.
With  shortening days,
 orange specks appeared 
 and the  weakening began
 your edges getting brittle , 
 other leaves falling
dropping  to the ground 
all around you. 
 it was your turn,
 you let go ,
 fluttered to the earth,

you died in the autumn 
as it was right that you should,
 but it was hard.

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