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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


31st Aug 2017

In response to the cue from "Six Sentences" :


Two grandsons, faces set with pensive frowns,slowly, deliberately,  lower two baskets into the  hole in the ground as the rest of us bend over and peer in , some giving instructions - "mum slept on the right," and "they'll enjoy that  lovely view down the hill ".
I can't believe that it's a year ago today since that little scene took place on the day we buried my mum and dad's ashes side by side,  together forever.
It seems that time only increases the emptiness that cannot be filled, as on so many occasions I long to hear their voices or listen to their stories -  stories of our history which I know I should have paid more attention to.
They were the ones that kept me connected, always happy to pass on news of how things were with the rest of the family.
 All too soon the chances are taken from us and there is a gaping chasm that cannot be filled or covered over.
Maybe with time it will lose it's importance and certainly we become the older generation who pass on wisdom to the one below.
Although  I really don't feel up to the task of being the "elder", I know that from me the younger ones will learn about their roots and the people that make them up, so the cycle will continue.


  1. Very touching, well done. It reminds me that I am now part of the generation which has to keep the history going. My folks are gone and buried side-by-side.

  2. There is such joy and sadness in recalling the past with parents, grandparents and sometimes great greatparents known to you. It is important to remember them and make family trees and write up biographic stories so your children too can learn of their family's past.

  3. very much agree with Paul and OE. there is a power in the poignancy of your Six this week.

  4. You have expressed some of those things that have been brought to my mind lately too, as people in the younger generations seek to know what I have learned about my ancestors and descendants. Although I have a lot of information, it isn't always at the tip of my tongue like it once was and requires reviewing my research.
    Great SSS.


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