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Friday, May 26, 2017


 26th May 2017

A story using the word master

"Come on little man, you're doing so well , you'll master it it no time", Kevin beamed at  his four year old grandson, legs and arms splashing about as he was holding him just on top of the waves.
He taught all twelve grandchildren  to swim in exactly the same way , as well as his own five children, and they all  loved the sea because of it.
A lot of them were there today , some with him in the water and others sitting with their grandma on the beach, or playing a ball game on the sand.
Kevin looked over at Julie, his wife of nearly forty years, catching  her eye for a  brief moment the sadness they were both trying to keep hidden, at least for the moment, was visible on both their faces.
"Dad," his daughter called from the little group sitting a few feet away from the water, "We're going to have the picnic now, so can you bring Noah out please so he can get dry?"
Kevin picked Noah up with ease and threw him in the air and walked back with him to his mum wondering how on earth He and Julie were going to tell the family 

Also ...
 I would like to master Spanish so that when we go to Spain with our camper next month I'll be able to converse with the natives. I know, I know, I've left it a bit late, but I'm always a last minute pony and usually come up with something.
However, I think this is going to be a difficult one, especially as I have very little time to spend on said learning, what with getting everything ready to go.
But my theory is that when we're there, surely it will be easier, hearing the language all around me, to pick it up and I will have to try because we'll be in some remote places where my tiny bit of Spanish will be the only way to communicate;  not for us the popular places for tourists where all the staff speak English.
We want to go down country lanes and talk to the local people in the small villages. So, I'd better go and find my phrase book now .


  1. This was an excellent story with a bittersweet backstory that we are left wondering about, Maz! I loved the family gathering and the continuity you portrayed in Kevin teaching his children and then his grandchildren how to swim. Now, can he and Julie teach them how to stay strong once they hear the news that is about to be shared?

    There are some excellent rapid-learning programs out for languages now, but if you have a smart phone or tablet with you, you'll be fine, just use Google Translate to communicate with your newfound Spanish friends! The nurses at the hospital where my daughter works use it all the time to communicate with patients who don't speak English well. I am excited that you will have this wonderful holiday away, with lots of great stories that will surely come from it!


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