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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Six sentences prompt - Turn

19th January.

Good morning everyone. What jot this morning to see a little blue tit on the tree in my garden. With the blue sky behind and beautiful through the branches it was just glorious. So, on went my walking boots and out I went to enjoy it more.

I'm going with a prompt today . Six sentences with the cue, turn.


Steve carefully started packing the box, the one the warden had given him, with books , pens, personal possessions and the few photos that had been posted up on his cell wall for the last three years.
One of the pictures caught his attention and picking it up he slumped on his bed, staring at it, remembering a happier time with his wife and daughter when life was carefree and full of hope.
A tear fell on the image as he recalled how difficult the last few years had been for them all as they fought together to have the verdict overturned.
Fighting the appeal had taken its toll and the joy that he should have felt on this day, the day they had all been waiting for when he was to walk out into the world a free man, was buried in a tired preoccupation with the mundane  details of getting out.
As he taped up the box he wondered how he might pick up his life again, how he get would get work, and most importantly how he would make things right with his wife, who had struggled so much to keep things together.
Carrying his few belongings, he stepped purposefully out of his cell, walked down the long corridors lined with noisy inmates wishing him well, out through the great main doors of the prison and didn't even turn to glance back as he headed for the car that was waiting for him with its engine running.


  1. We can only hope that the car waiting contained his wife and not something more sinister! Brilliant.

    Click here to read my six!

  2. Awesome work, Marian! Welcome to Six Sentence Stories!! You managed share so much about his surroundings, his longings, and his feelings about leaving at last. I really liked this. I have walked away from more than one "prison" of sorts in my life with no desire to turn back for one final review.

  3. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments on my six sentences

  4. Having talked to many who were in the process of making the transition from prison back to the "real world", I know how difficult this will be for him. I want to believe that he will be able to find work, adjust to the changes that have taken place in his absence, and rebuild a good relationship with his family. I don't want him to end up glancing back at the security of the routine he has just departed. This was an excellent story, I hope you'll plan to join us again next week!

  5. It's so difficult to start over, i hope he gets a chance with a good employer. When i worked at the bakery, they routinely hired those out on work release, and many of them were good people trying to redeem themselves.

  6. very engaging Six! the man's plight grabbed me and the tone, the realness of prison (even if he was leaving) is starkly drawn and very powerful.
    as is often the case with the better Six Sentence Stories, this totally left me wanting to know what happens to the guy!

  7. What a well written piece Marian. Sadly his being in prison will taint others opinion of him and it will be a hard road back to normality. Let's hope he has his family still with him.

  8. This story makes me wonder if he was one who had been innocent all along. This has been the case for some people, and I can only imagine how very difficult that would be for the individual and his family.

  9. You have written a poignant story. Each person has one, some with many layers. It would be interesting to know what inspired this tale.


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