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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


15th March 2016

New life flows like a river...

Again I've had to change my bio as we have just had our 21st grandchild. Born on Friday, 11th March, his name is Theo and he is gorgeous. You'd think that after so many children and grandchildren the news of another addition would be a tad boring. But, no, on the contrary, we were so excited that we raced up  from Kent to Buckinghamshire to welcome him personally into this fabulous world of ours.

What will the world be like for him as he grows into  the person that he was meant to be.
Not one , surely that a lot of us oldies will recognise.  But that's all to the good . It will be his world not ours.
Unfortunately , we probably won't be able to be part of the great adventure of  all of his days. But we wish him great happiness in all his quests.
Welcome to you, Theo James Walker. Enjoy...


  1. May God bless Theo and his family; as well as bless you and yours.

  2. Many congratulations to you and your family! Wonderful news. I adore your picture. I do love nature.

  3. Thank you Nicola for commenting on my blog. My family is so important to me and is often the motivation for my writing . Also, Like you, nature touches the heart too. What a fabulous world we live in ...


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