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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Today revised

18th May 2017

Since then, after a struggle of more than 730 days, you must be seven,
In your mid forties in time, in living only a small child with lots still to learn
But you are eager to build - to be a father, a son, a brother, a friend
And you put in the pot too the work that you do and you give it all a churn 

So, you may be seven, but your growing fast, is the best yet to be ?
Will the bud that you are, unfold some more reaching its fullest bloom?
Though the flower be the unusual sort , one that's not easy to train
Or will it be of the hardier kind, a delightful gift to brighten the room

16th May 2015

TODAY Today is special, Today is your birthday, Today you are Five, and Today , you celebrate , You celebrate by, Taking your daughter Swimming - something You both enjoy. Today, you, her father Are both older and younger Than her. She doesn't know, It's your Birthday, That , Today you are five. It's enough that you know. You were born , Out of the Death, Of your niece . You, rose up Out of her ashes. Her, a babe, Your own sweet angel, Drew you back To the womb, Gave you new life. And today , you can look back, To that other form, To that person who drank, Who was terminal, Still part of Your ancestry, But not you, No, Today you are five .
Happy Birthday.

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