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Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Love Living by the Sea

A post that should of gone out in July:

A nice memory, especially as the summer is ending.

There are so many good things about living where we do.
So we were up early this morning and out for a walk at 7.00am.
there is the possibility of going for miles along the coast
with the view constantly changing , giving new delights.
The warm sea breeze brings many moments to mind
With each breath a memory captured , lived again.
But time has aged this old body and the legs aren't working so well.
So we curtail the long walk and turn for home.
Decide to sit on the beach with cup of tea
and enjoy the rest of the hour we've allotted ourselves .
The waves bring in the tide and plenty of seaweed.
the vast expanse calms our spirits,
 energises, refreshes.
Then he goes for a swim, while I look on
And think I should have worn my costume
and joined him.
Back for breakfast.