Monday, November 26, 2018


26th Nov 2018

I'm Really Busy

Today I've been keeping myself busy :
Church this morning
Weekly shop, stopping to chat with a friend we meet.
Help husband with the santa sleigh he's making
Discuss the art work needed with one of his clients
Cook three large chicken casseroles, one for today and two for the freezer - the preparing of the vegetables took such a long time.
Write birthday and anniversary cards and go post them 
And rice, yes rice pudding would be nice - especially as we've been given a 20 kilo bag.


It's surprising how many things you can find to do when you should be working.
So, I'll just stop there because I promised myself I'd give a few hours to my writing today and time is running out with the deadline the day after tomorrow and no spare time tomorrow to get to it.
So, buy for now.
If I finish, I'll be back
And what are the rest of you lovely people doing.


  1. Look up "structured procrastination." It's a great way to get stuff done.

    1. Thank you. I will.
      You've been a great follower of my blog for a long time now-years, even. I love to get your comments, but would love to know your name??


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